How to Deal with a Professional Escort

Hiring an escort may sound like something that you do in a night; you have your fun, pay off the escort and you are done. But remember, you are actually meeting a human being who has feelings like the other women you know.

When getting involved with an escort there are things as a man should be keen on to make the encounter worthwhile or to make the escort enjoy your company. Below we discuss how you need to keep everything clean when with an escort:

Research the escort

Some escort agencies offer you the profile of various escorts for you to choose one that pleases you. This way, you can know what the escort likes so that you can serve her precisely that when you are with her. If they dislike a particular behavior, try and refrain from it.

Read her cues

You should always be keen to read the verbal and non-verbal cues of the escort. You two are different people meaning that you obviously do not like the same things. You might mention something that makes them uncomfortable. In such occasions, you should quickly change the story and move on to something else.

Since you are paying for the service, they may not mention something that makes them feel unappreciated. So, this is your task. It is up to you to read her just like you do with your woman.

Be romantic

It doesn’t hurt giving the escort the best treatment. Remember that she is a woman and all women want to be treated like queens. Show her that extra affection. Do not let her feel like a sex tool. Yes, it is her job, but you do not have to rub it to her face. Treat her like your new girlfriend.

Feel free to take her out for a drink, to the movies, to the beach, to an evening party, etc. Just make her feel wanted at whatever cost. Being romantic also involves avoiding unnecessary stories, e.g., her personal life or your workplace stories.

Give tips

Always make the escort feel appreciated by offering gifts or tips if you are in a position to. Let them feel that they really made your night worth every dollar that you paid for her. You can also review them to the escort agency if she is comfortable with it.

With the above tips, everything will be clean during the time you spend with the escort.

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