Unhappy women

Most girls still don’t seem to be happy in their personal relationships with the men in their lives. I have numerous girlfriend’s charlotte action escorts who always complain about their boyfriends, and say that they don’t do this or that when it comes to having fun in bed. It is easy to blame men, but I don’t think it is entirely their fault. Most women that I know, and that includes my friends at charlotte action escorts, are a little bit slow in coming forward.


When your man is not really satisfying you in bed, it is much better to tell him how to please than suffer in silence. I can’t believe that we have come this far and we are not telling our men what we like in bed. It is not only the average lady who is guilty of this, but many of the girls I work with at charlotte action escorts seem to not want to point out their boyfriend’s shortcomings. Like I have said to the girls at South London escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/south-london-escorts, simply tell him that you don’t like something, but make it positive.


My boyfriend did not used to be the greatest lover but with a little bit of encouragement, he has turned out fine. I have simply been very honest with him, and told him that there are certain things I don’t enjoy doing in bed at all. For instance, anal sex is not my sort of thing, and he has respected that. Working for South London escorts often makes you a little bit more confident when it comes to talking about these things and I wish that all couples could talk more about sex. But talking about sex to a man is not easy, and it is a lot easier to talk to my sexy companions at South London escorts instead.


One thing you will find about men, is that they quickly lose their confidence when you make the slightest little remark about their love making skills. I have lost count of how many gents I have dated at South London escorts who have complained about their wives telling them that they don’t like something. If that is the case, it may be a good idea to try to compromise with your partner. At least that is what I do when I am together with my boyfriend. It works but you have to be prepared to be patient and listen to your partner explaining his or her needs.


We should talk more about sex and stop relying on stupid advice from Cosmo. I find it hard to believe that people actually pick up a copy of Cosmo and read their sexy advice column. It is a load of rubbish, and like so many other articles in Cosmo, just meant to sell products. But I know from talking to the girls here at South London escorts that many of them don’t see it that way. Even some of my South London escorts colleagues believe in the advice which you can find in Cosmo. To me, it is just as fake as Kim Kardashian’s oversized bottom.

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